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Beagle Scouts’ Life

With the coming of the Camp Snoopy series to AppleTV+, it is unsurprising that we’re seeing Beagle Scout merch in the pipeline. Among these is Snoopy’s Beagle Scout Tales, next May’s entry in the “Peanuts Graphic Novel” series. As with most of these books, this will combine a new comic …

Comic book Peanuts

What’s in the Comic-Con comic

I’ve got a report from the floor on that Beagle Scouts’ Life comic book being sold at the Peanuts booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. Apparently, the comic material in there is all strip reprints, with some newly-recolored Sundays and some dailies. In addition, there’s a maze, a poster, and …

Comic book Peanuts

A new comic at Comic-Con

For some reason, the usual announcement of what would be for sale at the Peanuts booth this year just hasn’t shown up. Then cartoonist maze-maker Joe Wos dropped this image on social media: Beagle Scouts’ Life (the name is a play on the Boy Scouts of America magazine, which used …

Comic book Peanuts

Peanuts “graphic novel” covers

We now have cover images for the first two of the new Peanuts Graphic Novel series, which collects previously-published comic book material with the addition of a new story in each volume. Snoopy Soars to Space ships next January, with Adventures with Linus and Friends! following in March; both are …

Comic book Peanuts


I utterly accidentally stumbled across this 1981 piece noting that the syndicate was suing Minnesota-based comics publisher Edward Alexander for having produced an all-too-adult take on the Peanuts characters. This is bothering me because it’s not something I’ve ever heard of before, nor am I finding any other reference to …

Comic book Peanuts

Peanuts in distasteful comics

Some of you liked it when I showed Peanuts-themed covers to non-Peanuts comic books. I had some sitting here that I was not sure I’d post because of their theme, but I want to clear this off of my things-I-might-post list, so here goes. A number of comics publishers have …

Comic book Peanuts

Peanuts graphic novel chat

Here’s one for Peanuts book fans: a week from today, the Schulz Museum is hosting a Zoom panel with the creative team of the new adapted-from-an-unproduced-TV-special graphic novel Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown. More details can be found at Calendar of Events – Charles M. Schulz Museum

Animated Peanuts

“Will Ye No Quarterback Again, Charlie Brown?”

I think it’s great that Boom! is publishing a graphic novel adapting the never-produced Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown. This serves the world even better than the adaptations of things like Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown, because that’s available to be viewed in its purest intended form, the film, which can …

Comic book Peanuts

Four Color hunt

  A longshot here: does anyone have this copy of this comic? I don’t mean “does anyone have Four Color issue 878?”, I mean do you have this copy where someone has decorated Charlie Brown’s face in this particular way? The guy who sold off this copy because his daughter …

Comic book Peanuts

Physical Dell Peanuts Archive

When I reviewed the Peanuts Dell Archive collection of Peanuts comic book stories from the 1950s and 1960s, I was working from a review PDF. Now, I’ve got a physical copy on hand, and I can tell you that this book is well-made.  It’s a nice, solid hardcover, and the …