Peanuts in distasteful comics

Some of you liked it when I showed Peanuts-themed covers to non-Peanuts comic books. I had some sitting here that I was not sure I’d post because of their theme, but I want to clear this off of my things-I-might-post list, so here goes.

A number of comics publishers have taken the curious tack of doing series depicting “what if our major characters became flesh-eating zombies?” Marvel did it. Archie did it. More recently, the less-known but successful-in-its-own-way publisher Dynamite did it with the characters they publish, which are a mix of superheroes and licensed characters — Red Sonja, some of Edgar Rice Burrough’s characters, etc. And Dynamite has always been big on the “variant cover”, putting out versions of the same comic with several different covers in an attempt to snag collectors who like such things. For their zombie series,¬†Die!Namite, some of the variant covers they put out were imitation Peanuts style, drawn by Jacob Edgar. I’m going to run them small, so they don’t offend the more sensitive of AAUGH Blog readers… but click on them, and you’ll get them at a more visible size.

You’ll notice that I put in two copies of basically the same cover. Each drawing was used for multiple variant covers for the same issue, with the “normal” one being the cheapest, and the one missing the logo (the “virgin” cover) and the one without color being rarer and more expensive versions.

And as long as I’m posting about distastefully Peanuts-related comic book imagery, someone recently reminded me of a panel from Batman: Year One, a popular and well-made storyline from 1987, depicting Batman’s early efforts (and just as importantly, a pre-Commissioner Gordon.) Selina Kyle (i.e., Catwoman) beheading a Charlie Brown doll tells you something about the character.

Comic book Peanuts
Peanuts “graphic novel” covers

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Comic book Peanuts

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Comic book Peanuts
Peanuts graphic novel chat

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