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With the coming of the Camp Snoopy series to AppleTV+, it is unsurprising that we’re seeing Beagle Scout merch in the pipeline. Among these is Snoopy’s Beagle Scout Tales, next May’s entry in the “Peanuts Graphic Novel” series. As with most of these books, this will combine a new comic book short story with reprints of the Kaboom!-era comic book material (including the Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown adaptation) and some strips. The new story will presumably be drawn by Robert Pope, as he’s the only one besides Schulz with an on-Amazon credit for this. As for which stories from the comic books will be included, well, I’ve not referenced all of the contents to these issues so I don’t know how many Beagle Scout stories there were in the comic books, but I reckon there’s a chance that one that I wrote (“Movie Time”) will end up in these pages.

This collection is available for preorder both as a paperback and a hardcover. Also coming out in May is Welcome to Camp Snoopy, which we are told is a “playful guide that ties into the Apple TV+ show”.

Upcoming releases
Peanuts books to buy, and a free one

We’ve got a few more books listed as coming up later this year. There’s no surprise that we’re getting the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts 1993-1994, and with it, the box set of 1991-1994. After all, these have been coming out like clockwork, and 2025 should bring us the …

Upcoming releases
Mostly recycled Peanuts books

There are some new Peanuts titles showing up in the pipeline. I don’t have covers yet, but the books are simple to explain. Welcome Home, Franklin! adopts the new TV special that will hit Apple TV+ on the 16th. Here’s to You Charlie Brown and You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown …

Upcoming releases
Upcoming collections

Coming in May is Five Funny Snoopy and Charlie Brown Stories!, a compilation of the previously-released kids storybooks Let’s Go to the Library!; Time for School, Charlie Brown; Snoopy and Woodstock; Snoopy, First Beagle on the Moon!; and Make a Trade, Charlie Brown! We now have a cover for the …