A new comic at Comic-Con

Comic book Peanuts

For some reason, the usual announcement of what would be for sale at the Peanuts booth this year just hasn’t shown up. Then cartoonist maze-maker Joe Wos dropped this image on social media:

Beagle Scouts’ Life (the name is a play on the Boy Scouts of America magazine, which used to be Boys’ Life but is now Scout Life) has a story written by Jason Cooper and a maze by Maze-Toons creator Wos himself.

Expect to see a fair amount of Beagle Scout merch in the coming year, with the 50th anniversary of the introduction of concept and the new Apple TV+ series coming next year.

Charles Manga Schulz comes to Comic-Con

It’s less than two weeks to the start of the San Diego Comic-Con (and months too late to get tickets to it, if that’s what you were hoping.) There will be be an official Peanuts booth there, as usual. In addition to their usual line-up of special items made just …

Comic book Peanuts
Go to the comic book store for you free Peanuts comic

Just a reminder that this Saturday, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day, when comic shops across America and beyond will be making free comic books available. At most places you’ll be able to get a few free comics with no required purchase…. and this year, a Peanuts comic book …

Comic book Peanuts
Beagle Scouts’ Life

With the coming of the Camp Snoopy series to AppleTV+, it is unsurprising that we’re seeing Beagle Scout merch in the pipeline. Among these is Snoopy’s Beagle Scout Tales, next May’s entry in the “Peanuts Graphic Novel” series. As with most of these books, this will combine a new comic …