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After hearing from a number of folks who enjoyed getting the news via email, and who thought they would forget about the checking the blog, I’ve worked out a solution. You can now have every new AAUGH Blog entry automatically e-mailed to you. Just click here to sign up.


The odd AAUGH visitors

There are a lot of terms that people type into their search engines that lead people to Most of them have to do with Peanuts… but checking the records, I just noticed that the most common term has nothing to do with Schulz. It’s actually a common four-letter word …

Administrative The AAUGH is dead, long live the AAUGH!

Note: This is here just to make sure the final newsletter ends up in the archives. This is it. The last email newsletter. After almost five years, no longer shall I be stuffing your email box with news about Peanuts books and other Schulz-related diversions. But fret not, for …


Welcome to the AAUGH blog

This blog will cover news and reviews of books of Peanuts and Charles M. Schulz material, as well as related information of interest. It takes the place of the newsletter, which has been offering up such information for about five years now. Why the switch? Handling the newsletter had …