AAUGH.com: The AAUGH is dead, long live the AAUGH!

Note: This is here just to make sure the final newsletter ends up in the archives.

This is it. The last AAUGH.com email newsletter. After
almost five years, no longer shall I be stuffing your
email box with news about Peanuts books and other
Schulz-related diversions.

But fret not, for you will not be going uninformed! The
newsletter is merely being replaced with The AAUGH Blog,
a webpage with the latest scoop for the Peanuts book fan.
This way, I’ll be able to post each piece of news as I
get it, and you won’t have to wait until I’ve accumulated
enough news for a newsletter (and then enough time to
handle the effort of the newsletter).

To get the Blog rolling, not only have I filled it with
the archives of all of the past newsletter (and now with
a search function!), I’ve also added a lot of fresh
* Announcements of more upcoming Peanuts books
* Peanuts statues are poised to overtake another city
* A painless way to improve your discount on Peanuts
book purchases
* And, of course, more!

For those of you who are used to dealing with blogs, yes,
we do have an RSS feed. (For those of you new to blogs —
short for “web logs” — an “RSS feed” is simply a way of
putting out the new news bits so that they can be picked
up by programs called “news aggregators”. That way, if
you’re interested in a bunch of different blogs, you don’t
have to visit them all each day to see if there’s anything
new on them. Instead, your news aggregator goes out, collects
the new items from them, and presents them to you!)

So head on over to http://AAUGH.com/wordpress/ to read all
the latest — and be sure to bookmark it!

And you can still send your queries and comments to nat@AAUGH.com


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