Welcome to the AAUGH blog

This blog will cover news and reviews of books of Peanuts and Charles M. Schulz material, as well as related information of interest. It takes the place of the AAUGH.com newsletter, which has been offering up such information for about five years now.

Why the switch? Handling the newsletter had grown to be a time-consuming affair, what with having to accumulate enough information for a newsletter and then producing it, tracking all of the new subscribers, cancellations, and changed addresses, and handling other bits of overhead. And then there was putting the old newsletters into the archives, which I’m months behind on as I write this. With a blog, the archives are generated automagically (although I will have to adapt all of the pre-blog archives to blog format at somepoint). News can be posted the moment I find it, rather than waiting until there is enough news for a mailing. And those of you who understand RSS feeds can subscribe to this blog, getting the latest news as I post it. I don’t have to worry about spam filters or the fine points of antispam legislation. And I’ll be able to put images right in the messages without worrying about the lack of image support in some email clients.

In other words, it makes life easier for me and for most of you, and creates a better news product to boot!

AAUGH and the holiday season

The old AAUGHmobile and I were in a collision a couple weeks back, so say “hi” to the new AAUGHmobile. It’s white with black highlights, so it looks a mite like Snoopy! Meanwhile, I’ve got a fractured wrist, making typing a bit hard, so I’m just summarizing my full usual …

End of the blog Twitter feed

This is the final post to go out on the blog’s twitter feed. Please go to http://blog.AAUGH.com to find other ways you can follow the blog. (Sorry, folks, but the modern Twitter is just something that I need to pull away from.) 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the …

AAUGH Blog’s Twitter feed to end

The Twitter account with links to each new blog post will soon be closing down. I apologize to the handful of people who are using that to follow the posts here, but doing anything that provides free content for and encourages people to use that service have become untenable. For …