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Snoopy Treasures reviews

This is my post for linking and quoting reviews of my book The Snoopy Treasures… and I intend to quote them all (well, not from mass-review sites, like Goodreads or Amazon), both the good and the bad. Only problem is, as of my initial post on Nov 17, I really don’t …

New releases

Got it!

The Big Book of Peanuts, 1960s edition, with all of the non-Sunday strips from that decade, is mine, I tells ya, mine! $19.99 at Costco… and yes, they had the 1970s and 1980s at the same price. Yes, these books are based on an Italian series… but unlike some foreign …

New releases

How to be a Grrrl!

I just got How to Be a Grrrl! which according to its cover is by Lucy Van Pelt herself. This is a collection of strips (and selections from strips) starring Lucy, about feminism and power. They attempt to use a ‘zine-style design asthetic, with the strips put in front of backgrounds that …

New releases

The book I got

I just received A Charlie Brown Religion, Stephen J. Lind’s look at the spirituality in Schulz’s work and in his life. And I really want to read this, it’s the book I’ve been most looking forward to for months. But I’ve got a press interview today to prepare for. And a Kindle …

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Tricky Peanuts trivia time!

Today’s trivia question comes in two parts, each of which has two clauses. Who is this a drawing of, and what is his relationship to Peanuts? Who is the artist of the drawing, and what is his relationship to Peanuts?

New releases

Alliterative alphabet amusement

The board book My First Peanuts ABC is shipping now. It is a journey through our much-beloved alphabet, each page focusing on words starting with one letter (with X, Y, and Z dumped together on a single page.) The pictures are happy, the text is very Peanuts-oriented… and sometimes better suited …

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Nothing much, what’s Snoo with you?

(My apologies to anyone who saw an incomplete version of this post that was accidentally published.) Yes, I went to Costco today. No, it wasn’t to look to see if the new hardcover collection of all the 1960s daily strips was in yet. Well, not entirely. But it wasn’t. In yet, …

New releases

The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie

The latest in this season’s large hardcover Peanuts book onslaught is The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie, which arrived today. I’ve only had time to flip through it, not to give it a full read… in part, because it has more text than some of the Art of books htat …

Comic book Peanuts

Tributing Peanuts

I just finished reading Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz, and if I ever get called on to create material for a tribute book, I think I’ll start by reading this volume again. That’s because it contains a variety of takes of what it means to be doing a tribute. …

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Snoopy!: Contact

There’s a saying that I lean on from time to time, generally when talking about sex or pizza, that “you have to have some really bad ____ for it to be worse than not having it at all.” The same concepts holds true for Peanuts strip collections. You know I like …