Upcoming releases

What What Cartooning Really Is really looks like

The intended cover image for What Cartooning Really Is, Fantagraphics upcoming collection of interviews with Schulz, has been updated. It is no longer going to look like this: It is now slated to look like this: By the way, if you ordered this book from Amazon and received a cancellation …


Here comes the parade!

Finally available for pre-order is The Complete History of Peanuts on Parade: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz: Volume One: The St. Paul Years. This is, in addition to being a book with three colons in its title, a photo-heavy history of the projects where various artists customized Peanuts statues and …

Greatest hits

Happiness is a Warm _______

  Coming out next May (on May 4th, actually, which is Star Wars Day – a fact that is utterly irrelevant in this context) is Happiness Is Having a Friend, which is, we are told, a Peanuts “fill-in book”. What precisely is that? It’s a book that you’re not meant to …

Upcoming releases

Dial P for Peanuts

Coming in November to comic shops is the graphic novel Dial P for Peanuts. This is an adaptation of a 2011 play written by a pair of college teachers, and it’s one of those “the Peanuts characters are grown up” type of things that we see more of on stage …

Upcoming releases

Last chance to pre-order Be More Snoopy!

You’re running out of time to preorder my upcoming Peanuts book, Be More Snoopy. After all, once Tuesday rolls around, the book will have been released, and then you’ll only be able to order it, not preorder. Sure, that’d still be cool, but not as cool. This is a book with …

Upcoming releases

Christmas Is Here is Coming… Again

Announced for October is Christmas Is Here! Holiday Gift Set, a boxed set of a book and stuffed Snoopy wearing a cap. This makes me tense on a number of fronts. It’s published by Phoenix International. In the past, when their products show up on Amazon, they don’t always ever …

Upcoming releases

Be Thankful, Be Giving cover

This is the solicited cover for Be Thankful, Be Giving, a new board book coming in September and available now for preorder.

Upcoming releases

Sally goes to space!

We’ve got some more storybooks coming up at the end of the year and the start of next. Probably the most intriguing title is December’s Space Traveler Sally Brown. Sally is writing a report about another famous Sally, Sally Ride, the US’s first female in space (because Alice Kramden never …

Animated Peanuts

a 2-D cover for a 3-D Christmas

We have a cover for this year’s new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is a pop-up book.Now, when I heard that there was going to be a pop-up book, I thought it might be a book market edition of the pop-up that Hallmark stores had last year, …

Upcoming releases

Not a cook book, a cookbook

Coming in September is Peanuts Lunch Bag Cookbook. Now, you may think that you have this already, as an item from the 1970s, but noooo, that was Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book, an entirely different thing, just count the words. Oh, okay, the concepts are much the same, recipe books accompanied by …