Happy holidays from The AAUGH Blog

So here we are, technically still in the last throes of Hannukah, and with Christmas barreling down upon us and the new year just waiting for it to get out of the way. And I just wanted to thank everyone for another year of being the most important part of the AAUGH Blog family; I am glad that so many of you feel this li’l blog is worth the time.

I haven’t gone heavy on my usual pre-holiday posts this year; not a lot of pointing to cool Peanuts gifts, not my usual lecture on the important parts of giving. This is partly because I’m feeling like a mellower holiday, but also partly because there are other things demanding time. While the fires have grown no closer to us since I first told you about them (they grew a lot, but all in the other direction; they have eaten up over 270,000 acres and are still just 50% contained), they took time in being prepared for, and further time dealing with my kids being unexpectedly out of school (in my day, we had snow days; my kids have smoke days.) And some of my non-Peanuts work has grabbed the last couple of days, as I’ve been doing interviews for The Guardian, BBC World News, and others about my work reprinting the Negro Motorist Green Book series.

But I’ve far from abandoned you entirely. There’s a new episode of the podcast up today, just me yammering on about the contents of The Complete Peanuts: Comics and Stories, which I helped compile.  And there will be a new episode during the holidays, one where I dip into the mailbag and answer a few questions.

A new year is coming, filled with new opportunities for joy and new opportunities for the world to improve. May you all find comfort, may your paths be smooth. I may not get to post much before the end of the year (this doesn’t tend to be the time for product announcements), or I may, but in any case, I look forward to seeing you on the other side of New Year’s Day!

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