A day of being the Peanuts guy

Sometimes, a day goes by with almost nothing Peanuts-related intruding in my life. Other days are like today.

  • An auction house wanting to know if what they were being offered could possibly be Schulz original art, even though it wasn’t on the same sort of paper as they’ve usually seen his originals on (the answer in this case, alas, is no; it’s a blatant and poor copy, probably done originally by someone who had no intent of being a forger, merely wanting a large copy of a favorite strip.)
  • A nationally-respected pundit (whom I know from our college days) asking if I could track down his favorite Peanuts strip. Luckily, I could:Peanuts
  • Sending a note of congratulations to someone I know at Creative Associates, Schulz’s studio. Which leads to a new change that I should note: as part of the ongoing fallout of the buyout of Peanuts, more of the entire approval process for products is being moved to Creative Associates in Santa Rosa, who are apparently relocating to larger quarters. I hope this means that all the Schulzy goodness will be just that much more Schulzy…
  • Making arrangements for a radio interview on one of the bigger NPR stations – me, Jean Schulz, and one other guest (I’m waiting to make sure he’s definite) talking about Schulz’s legacy. That’ll probably air in a couple weeks. I’ll let everyone know when the time is definite (and it will be available on the Internet.)
Spot the Dog

I publish things. I also research things. And really, the two efforts are often one and the same: I research stuff and find that it’s worth publishing; I publish stuff and in the process I’m doing research. That all just happened for me with a syndicated comics panel called “Spot” …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Heads up: Schulzy stuff on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow

On tomorrow’s episode of CBS Sunday Morning, they’ll be stopping by the Charles M. Schulz Museum and talking to Jeannie as well as my Schulz: 100 Objects collaborator Benjamin L. Clark about Schulz, his work, and the museum! 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

Schulz/Peanuts news
Thoughts on the Schulz Centennial

You would think that I would’ve had a blog post ready to go for this monumentous day, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charles M. Schulz. But no, I am sitting here on the day, chewing on leftover turkey and putting together my thoughts. And certainly, Schulz has had …