the blockhead in my family

I took my fifteen month old Ben to the doctor’s office today for his check-up. The receptionist looks at him and says “he looks like Charlie Brown!” (and that was not meant to be some kissing up to me; the receptionist didn’t know of my Peanuts habits.) He does have blond hair that is just now moving beyond the invisible stage, so I guess it made sense on that level.

So we take him in, and the nurse checks his measurements. Height, he’s in the 64th percentile for his age. Weight, also the 64th. So he’s a little bigger than average, but not much. His head circumference? 96th percentile. So that’s what the receptionist was seeing: he fits the drawn-by-Schulz blueprint.

(They gave Ben shots today, and put a Peanuts bandage over the booboo.)

Spot the Dog

I publish things. I also research things. And really, the two efforts are often one and the same: I research stuff and find that it’s worth publishing; I publish stuff and in the process I’m doing research. That all just happened for me with a syndicated comics panel called “Spot” …

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Meet Peanuts!

One of the complaints that Schulz had about his strip being named Peanuts against his wishes is that it lead some people to think that one of the characters in the strip was named “Peanuts.” That was brought to mind when I read this particular strip in a book that …

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Be More Charlie Brown impends

I have now received my box of author’s copies of┬áBe More Charlie Brown, which will be officially released next week. This light-hearted self-help book is a follow-up to my earlier (and still available) volume, Be More Snoopy. As I always do with my new Peanuts-related hardcovers, I’m willing to send …