Nat interviews – and welcome Mr. Media fans

For those of you coming here from hearing about The AAUGH Blog on the Mr. Media podcast – welcome, and I hope you enjoy! There’s ordering information on The Peanuts Collection at the bottom of the page, and please take the time to browse through the blog entries and see my ruminations on Peanuts books past and present. I also hope you’ll browse the site – behind our catalog of Peanuts books available for sale hides a collector’s guide to Peanuts books, my ever-growing obsessive guide to book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and more.

For those of you who don’t know about the Mr. Media interview, click here to open it in your default media player, or here to play it through your web browser.

There’s also a separate interview about The Peanuts Collection up at Robot 6 – this one is text, no speakers needed! And for those who want images – the publisher of the book has set up a slideshow of sample images from the book.

The book is slated to hit bookstores on October 25th. For those who like to order from your favorite online sites, here are the links to do so now:

Charles Manga Schulz comes to Comic-Con

It’s less than two weeks to the start of the San Diego Comic-Con (and months too late to get tickets to it, if that’s what you were hoping.) There will be be an official Peanuts booth there, as usual. In addition to their usual line-up of special items made just …

Upcoming releases
Will you be getting love from Snoopy

Coming in December is a Valentine’s Day item, Love from Snoopy. This is a 32 page hardcover picture book from Simon Spotlight, text by Maggie Testa (an anagram for TASTE ME I GAG), art by Scott Jeralds (CLOTTED ASS JR).   40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH …

Upcoming releases
The Big Book of Peanuts cover

AAUGH Blog reader D.D. managed to catch that by the time that my note went out about The Big Book of Peanuts: 1990s being on Amazon, the planned cover was already available on the publisher’s website. So here’s what you have to look forward to! Love-filled Snoopy images seems to …