Reminder – Nat at Schulz Museum on Saturday

Just a reminder that I will be the Cartoonist In Residence at the Schulz Museum from 1 to 3 PM this Saturday. That means mainly that I’ll be there, doing a little work on a project, and answering questions of anyone who feels like asking them.

Since the current exhibition The Language of Lines focuses on the non-verbal aspects of the comics art, I will be prepared to discuss the various effects and tropes at hand. And to go along with that and with the exhibit of 75 wordless Peanuts strips going on in the original art gallery there, I’ll bring along some copies of pages to “Jenny’s City,” my upcoming silent comics project about a girl who finds herself alone in an abandoned city, which I’m doing in collaboration with Malaysian artist Milx.

And of course, if you have questions about Schulz books or anything else I can answer, I’ll be glad to chat.

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Meet Peanuts!

One of the complaints that Schulz had about his strip being named Peanuts against his wishes is that it lead some people to think that one of the characters in the strip was named “Peanuts.” That was brought to mind when I read this particular strip in a book that …

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Be More Charlie Brown impends

I have now received my box of author’s copies of Be More Charlie Brown, which will be officially released next week. This light-hearted self-help book is a follow-up to my earlier (and still available) volume, Be More Snoopy. As I always do with my new Peanuts-related hardcovers, I’m willing to send …

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How to Draw Cartoons

The latest book I’ve issued with my publishing hat on is a book that has a Schulz link… even though it came out when he was three years old. lHow To Draw Cartoons is a guidebook created by cartoonist Clare Briggs,  one of the comic strip powerhouse of the day …