for the top shelf of the Reference Library

The latest addition to the Reference Library is this 1970 volume from Norway. It reprints about a hundred Sunday strips in black and white. I’ve known about this book for years, having seen a copy at the Research Center at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. I even wrote about it in my article on odd Peanuts books in Hogan’s Alley magazine (an expanded version of which is available here.) I was glad to finally get it, because I had not previously had a book in Norwegian… but I will admit that I was willing to pay just a little more for it for a purely juvenile reason.

Norwegian Peanuts cover

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Classic finds
TV Guide revelation

The latest addition to the reference library is a TV Guide from February, 1980, which features an article about Peanuts, written by Schulz himself. In it, he discusses why some things work in the strip that don’t work in the animated specials, and he manages to do so in a …

Classic finds
Review: Christmas Gift Certificates for You

When I ordered a copy of the 1981 Hallmark Peanuts product Christmas Gift Certificates for You, I reckoned it would be one of those novelty coupon books, each page removable and offering the recipient a walk in the snow, help taking down the tree, or some Peanuts-y equivalent thereof. I …

Classic finds

 I just picked up the July 1964 issue of Drag Cartoons, a black and white comics magazine focused not on performative gender-bending as the youth must suspect, but on souped-up autos, including not just drag racers but hot rods as well. Did I pick it up because it had a …