Getting Snoopy’s gourd

I now have my copy of Baby Snoopy’s Pumpkin. I laughed, I cried, it changed my life.

Oh, okay, it’s just a silly kids’ book, and the ventral mystery of it (what is that odd thing Baby Snoopy is growing?) is kinda given away by the title. But each of its six board pages has a different shape that ads up to a (slightly) three-dimensional image of Baby Snoopy and his pumpkin, so it might make an interesting mantle decoration during the pumpkin season.

Three more books are now available for preorder:

Of course, those Complete Peanuts volumes won’t actually ship until 2007, so you may want to hold off on preordering them for now.

And a couple off-topic notes: the first volume of The Complete Dennis the Menace is now shipping, and I’m once again reviewing most of the new TV shows of the fall season.

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