The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Happiness is a Warm Parody

The release of 1962’s Happiness is a Warm Puppy reshaped the book industry, and gave rise to copycats and parodies. Nat discusses some of them here.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia

The AAUGH Blogger takes a look at the decades of history of the ultimate pre-Wikipedia reference work, Charlie Brown’s Cyclopedia.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Easter egg extra

As a little “extra” to celebrate the holiday, we present you with some excised material from episode 20.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Drunken Charlie Brown

A very short podcast this week with a nineteenth century tale about a very different Charlie Brown.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Recycled titles

Some Peanuts book titles are used again and again.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: The Charlie Brown Dictionary

If┬áThe Charlie Brown Dictionary is the best dictionary ever, it’s only because Charlie Brown is a more compelling character than Ms. Miriam Webster, Mr. Oxford English, or Dr. Lois “Fun Can” Wagnalls.

Mailbag 2: More Mailbag

The AAUGH Blogger opens up his queries and comments from you, the wonderful AAUGH Blog Podcast Audience, answers some, muses on some, and accepts a compliment. Send your comments to !

Politics and Peanuts

While the Peanuts strip rarely aimed in direct blatant ways of the politics of the moment, beyond the strip politics and Peanuts became entwined in a number of ways.


The latest news and notes for collector’s of Luchless Z. March’s famed comic strip, Peapod.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast 17: Wallace Exman Interview

The AAUGH Blogger interviews Wallace Exman, who edited Peanuts books for both World Publishing and Holt, Rinehart, and Winston in the 1960s and 1970s.