The AAUGH Blog Podcast 00: Introduction

The AAUGH Blog is launching a brand new podcast, and this is just a little introductory episode in which I, the AAUGH Blogger, ramble for a little bit about my hopes, dreams, and goals for this new audio venture.

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Plate Expectations

It was on a trip to Las Vegas where I first ran into parking ticketing machines that actually read your license plate as you drove in, and printed the license number on your ticket. Now, as you may recall, my license plate has a picture of Snoopy and the word …

Classic finds
The Moist Menace

While I’ve covered various Happiness is a Warm Puppy parodies in the past, and while I have a number of programs from Reuben Award ceremonies held by the National Cartoonist Society, I haven’t seen the 1963 program, which is where Carol Tilley (U of Illinois professor who focuses on comics …

Tell me what love is, Chuck

From the wall of a guitar store in Los Angeles, California.