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The other Complete Peanuts set, and more

So you want the complete run of Peanuts strips in 25 volumes, but you don’t want to wait another decade to get the complete set? And you want to pay only about $60 plus shipping for the whole set? Well, how’s your Chinese? Because that’s the language for this set …

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Schulz/Peanuts news

Slight change of plans

Unfortunately, due to a mounting health situation, Jim Sasseville will not be able to attend Sunday’s signing at the Schulz Museum. However, we should be able to offer some It’s Only A Game bookplates signed by him, and Derrick Bang and I will both still be there to answer your …

New releases

Magic disappearing Snoopy

In a recent AAUGH blog entry, I mentioned a pamphlet that had Peanuts on the inside but not on the outside. Now to make up for that we have Snoopy Magic Party Ideas, a ninety-five cent Hallmark booklet where the only Peanuts content is the cover. The characters are neither …

Schulz/Peanuts news

Peanuts thoughts in The New Yorker

Novelist Jonathan Franzen (best known for The Corrections) has a piece in the November 29th New Yorker reflecting on the presence of Peanuts in his life. You can read it online (although I have had trouble with some browsers.) Thanks to Mark Evanier for pointing this out.

Schulz/Peanuts news

U.S. Government Peanuts services

Have you been saying to yourself “I’d sure like to have access to some Peanuts-related lyrics and MIDI tunes, but only if they’re provided to me by an agency of the United States government?” If so, then here you go! (And yes, I’ve already dropped them a note letting them …