Four Color hunt


A longshot here: does anyone have this copy of this comic? I don’t mean “does anyone have Four Color issue 878?”, I mean do you have this copy where someone has decorated Charlie Brown’s face in this particular way? The guy who sold off this copy because his daughter had decorated it 25 years ago now realizes that this copy has more meaning because of it, and would like to reobtain it. Will treat you fairly. Let me know (you can always email me at ) and I will pass word on.

Comic book Peanuts
Physical Dell Peanuts Archive

When I reviewed the Peanuts Dell Archive collection of Peanuts comic book stories from the 1950s and 1960s, I was working from a review PDF. Now, I’ve got a physical copy on hand, and I can tell you that this book is well-made.  It’s a nice, solid hardcover, and the …

Comic book Peanuts
Dell Peanuts Archive contents

The Dell Peanuts Archive hits comic shops this Wednesday, and bookstores (including Amazon) not long after that. I’ve got a PDF – really, would’ve had it last week, had I been paying attention – and can give a rundown of what it actually holds. No, it’s not the complete 1950s/1960s …

Comic book Peanuts
The end of a Peanuts run

I’ve got in my hands volume 10 of the KaBoom! Peanuts trade paperback series, which means that set is now complete; they’ve reprinted all of the issues of the KaBoom Peanuts comic book. This one reprints just two issues: issue 32 of volume 2 of the main series, plus the …