An early lunchtime

Peanuts Lunchtime CookbookHere’s an early look at the cover for the upcoming Peanuts Lunchtime Cookbook, shipping in August.

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Upcoming releases
A Snoopy Tale cover reveal

Here we have the cover for the upcoming Peanuts storybook A Snoopy Tale, based on the forthcoming Apple TV+ series The Snoopy Show.

Officially unofficial

I just stumbled across as link to referring to it as “the official Peanuts website.” Boy, no. I doubt any of the regular readers are harboring that illusion, but in case you are: this site is independently owned and operated. It does not operate under the control, approval, or …

Upcoming releases
Cover reveal: When Snoopy Met Woodstock

So we’ve got the cover to next summer’s storybook, When Snoopy Met Woodstock. And, unsurprisingly for a book that’s a tie in to the upcoming Apple TV+ series┬áThe Snoopy Show, it has an animated look to it. I’m curious about this one, and whether they’ll embrace the material from the …