Beware fake Schulz

I’ve said it before, but with gift-gathering time impending, I shall say it again: beware fake Schulz art. There is a lot of counterfeit on the market. I would say that the majority of single-image Peanuts pieces being sold as Schulz on eBay are fake, generally tracings/recreations of Schulz-drawn images. …

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New releases

The AAUGH Blogger’s Odd Experience

I was picking up some stuff at big-box retailer Costco, and as I normally do, I checked out their books table to see if they have any new books out. Costco often gets custom boxed sets and books available nowhere else, so it’s worth checking. And I find a box …

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Bulk Peanuts cheap

The folks at Hamilton Books have gotten ahold of the former big-box exclusive, the boxed set of paperback editions of the first three volumes of the┬áBig Book of Peanuts series, collecting all the daily strips from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. They’re offering it for a mere $30, which might …

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Sallying forth into licensing

It has often been discussed that Schulz was reluctant to start licensing Peanuts characters out (in rather stark contrast to what ended up happening.) However, it should be noted that once the licensing had started, there was some coordinated effort. For a blatant example: while Sally had been mentioned in …

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An astronaut touches a stuffed Snoopy
Animated Peanuts

Upcoming NASA mission to be unmanned, but not undogged

Many Snoopys have been in space, whether we’re talking the Apollo X lunar module or the tiny Silver Snoopy pins placed on NASA space flights and then awarded to folks who helped with operational safety. There’s even been a stuffed Snoopy in space before, as when astronaut Mike Massimino took …

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Comic book Peanuts

Peanuts in distasteful comics

Some of you liked it when I showed Peanuts-themed covers to non-Peanuts comic books. I had some sitting here that I was not sure I’d post because of their theme, but I want to clear this off of my things-I-might-post list, so here goes. A number of comics publishers have …

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Classic finds

Mattel gave Barbie a Dream House, but Charlie Brown a whole World

I coulda swore I blogged about this recently, but if so, my search powers are failing me, so here goes. You may have, over the course of your Peanuts collecting careers, found some odd hardcover Peanuts strip collections that actually had two books in each one — you read halfway …

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book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

The question your Senator won’t answer

If my email is any measure, the most pressing question of the day is “is the book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas that comes with the Snoopy-with-a-hat at Kohl’s a different edition from the one that came with the Snoopy-sans-chapeau at Kohl’s last year?” And as the mailman delivered …

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Upcoming releases

I Need All The Friends I Can Get returns

Next July brings us a reprint of I Need All The Friends I Can Get, one of the adages-and-pictures books that Schulz created in the 1960s. It is now available for preorder.

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book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

If it worked for Malibu Stacy…

The garment-and-housewares store Kohl’s runs an ongoing charity fundraising drive, Kohl’s Cares, where they sell their own cheap editions of kids books and stuffed animals with the profit going to kids’ health and education charities. They’ve done Peanuts books on a number of occasions, including two years ago, when they …

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