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One of the questions I got when I showed the Charlie Brown Career Education Filmstrips at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was “why did they make Franklin so dark? He’s hard to see! My answer was…. they didn’t. When I digitized the filmstrips that I showed, I used a slide …

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The Great Big Book of Peanuts Word Seeks

I’m a Peanuts book collector. Now, that should come as no surprise to the readers of this blog. But occasionally I point out that I am not a “Peanuts collector”. I certainly accumulate other Peanuts stuff, but the thing I am aiming to be a completist on is books. And …

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I’ve written before about how there is a modern method of commercial caricaturing that quite often works. Just as Al Hirschfeld could with some sweeping lines capture the key parts of a Broadway actor to make them instantly recognizable while utterly stylized, so too can a Funko Pop version of …

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Schulz is spelled correctly, I will note.

I like to believe that I am both an ethical and non-hypocritical blogger. That requires me to hold myself and my projects to the same standards that I hold others. Usually, that’s easy. But today? AAUGH Blog Reader Ryan pointed me to a sales listing to the ebook edition of …

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100 Objects in bookstores!

Out TODAY is Charles M. Schulz: The Art and Life of the Peanuts Creator in 100 Objects. This is the Schulz Museum project that I cowrote with Benjamin L. Clark. Amazon is showing signs of having trouble keeping up with demand (they’re giving me an expected delivery time of 2-5 …

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Animated Peanuts

Happy Next Halloween

For those of you for whom the true pumpkin spice is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, have I got a board book for you! It’s due in July of next year, so for now you’ll just have to put up with sitting through the whole special rather than the more …

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New releases

Christmas Time is Here! Again!

Whenever I stop by Costco, I check out their table of books, because it is fairly frequent that they will have Peanuts books, and a fair portion of them is exclusive books not to be found elsewhere. The folks at Costco must like Peanuts. (And by that I mean “the …

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Title from cover of A Charlie Brown Christmas
book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

AAUGH! I missed one!

I have failed in my central role as the AAUGH Blogger. To wit, in 2018, a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas came out, and I didn’t detect it until this month! The department store chain Kohl’s, is constantly running their Kohl’s Cares promotion, where they sell books …

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Surprise episode: Benjamin L. Clark, curator of the Schulz Museum

The AAUGH Blog Podcast returns from retirement for a special episode. The AAUGH Blogger talks to Schulz Museum curator Benjamin L. Clark about his work, and about the book that the two of them wrote together, the new Schulz Museum project Charles M. Schulz: The Art and Life of the …

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Upcoming releases

Batter up Charlie Brown? Why, are you planning to deep fry him??

It looks like Simon & Schuster’s Simon Spotlight imprint is keeping a reasonably aggressive bimonthly schedule for their Peanuts Graphic Novel series, as they’ve just announced the third one, coming in May. This will be the baseball-themed Batter Up, Charlie Brown!, and like the other volumes will include one new …

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