You don’t know how much I wish this were real.

Sick and tired of people trying to sell bootleg Peanuts books on Amazon by listing someone besides Charles M. Schulz as the author? Sure you are, and I’ve long since stopped talking about it. But now I see that someone is trying to balance matters!

Shot from an Amazon page for Godzilla Coloring Books For Kids Ages 8-12: Edition 2023 Paperback – March 17, 2023 by Charles M. Schulz (Author)

Yes siree, it’s a bootleg Godzilla coloring book… excuse me, a bootleg Godzilla coloring books… by Charles M. Schulz himself, made available earlier this month.

And I’m releasing this on April Fools Day, I know… but there’s no fooling in this one.

Candidate Snoopy

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Coming to America

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