All the moles in a whack-a-mole game are fake

Section from a coloring book cover with Peanuts and Snoopy logos
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AAUGH Blog reader Caren noted that the bootleg Peanuts ebooks I linked to the other day had already been deleted, so victory, right?

Of course not.

Two days after my post, the same fake editions had already been re-uploaded. The timeless work of Dolores J Douglas endures, as does that of Celia D Lennon. And if those links happen to go to a link-not-found page when you click through, that just means they’ve been taken down again, but doesn’t mean that they haven’t already popped up under another ASIN (that’s Amazon’s stocking number.)

And in the past week, we’ve also seen…

A series of coloring books by Marlene Duncan, featuring a wide variety of cartoon characters owned by various licensors, such as this one.

Snoopy coloring books from different listed authors.

(While many of them seem to just grab actual black-and-white Peanuts images from various places, likely scanned from legit coloring books, this latter one looks to be based on bad tracings. Does that look licensor-approved to you?)

But that’s not all! We also have a paperback of the screenplay to The Peanuts Movie by Alissa Greta Morton. Who is Alissa Greta Morton, you ask? Well, according to her Amazon credits, she also wrote the script for Othello. Yes, you may have thought it was William Shakespeare, but that’s just because of the educational system’s preference for dead white males, it  was really Alissa Greta Morton!

Anyway, I reckon AAUGH Blog readers know to steer away from this stuff, and to not reward their efforts.

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