Yes, I got the bloody t-shirt!


The American Red Cross contacts me all the time, with phone calls and emails and the like, asking if I’m ready to give blood again. I donate a pint with reasonable regularity. But this month has been a little nuts, because, while they often have some little thank you gift if you give like a $5 gift certificate or a pair of socks, at the moment it’s a Snoopy t-shirt. So not only have I gotten repeated emails telling me that I could get a Snoopy shirt, not only did I get a robocall that started right in with the Snoopy shirt offer, my wife brought it up with me because they contact her. And my daughter brought it up because apparently there’s a lot of people on TikTok showing off their shirts. And AAUGH Blog reader John made sure that I know by sending me a link to a story about how successful the campaign has been, driving 50% more people than usual to visit the blood donation appointment page.

And all of this was unneeded because, as I said, I was about ready to donate again anyway. And as long as I was going to give, yes, of course I accepted the shirt.

The shirts are for donors who give a pint by April 23, or as supplies last. And even if you hit them after supplies run out, as long as it’s still in April, you get entered for a chance to win a trip to the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

If you’d like to get started as a blood donor, find more info on this promotion and a link for making an appoinrtment at



You could’ve been in Peanuts

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