I’m dreaming of a Hallmark Christmas

Row of Peanuts christmas cards

AAUGH Blog reader Michael sent me some pictures from his collection of early Hallmark Peanuts items, which he uses to decorate each Christmas. There are some lovely items in his collection, and the limited pallet they relied on in the early days really does lend itself to a nice display.

This bring to mind something that I’ve been wanting to wish into existence for a while. In the early days of their Peanuts license, Schulz would create original material for their cards and such. I’m not sure how long this lasted (certainly not forever; clearly, they are still producing new Peanuts cards and such), but I would love a book of all the material Schulz did for them. Sure, a few pieces have shown up in other books, but I’d like to have more, and all in one place.

I know that at least from time to time, someone from Hallmark has looked at this blog, so: make this, and I’ll buy a copy, and tell other people to buy some as well! Have we got a deal?

The first Peanuts ads?

Yesterday, while searching for something else utterly un-Peanuts related, I stumbled across an ad campaign that I don’t think I’d ever heard of before. A series of eight ads for Connecticut Blue Cross ran in newspapers during 1958. By 1958, Peanuts had been used in various commercial ways, like Peanuts …

A big Peanuts reprint

When I showed off the upcoming Franken-Snoopy items from Hallmark yesterday, I left one out, and it’s a big one — 3000 square inches, to be precise. This blanket is a 50″x60″ reprint of the March 17, 1964 Peanuts strip. I hope they don’t start reprinting all the Sundays like …

Yes, I got the bloody t-shirt!

The American Red Cross contacts me all the time, with phone calls and emails and the like, asking if I’m ready to give blood again. I donate a pint with reasonable regularity. But this month has been a little nuts, because, while they often have some little thank you gift …