a Peanuts BOOK item I want


When I was a kid I collected trading cards. I wasn’t big into sports, so I mainly went with Star Wars cards, and things of that ilk. But now, as an adult, there is no joy in that inefficiency of purchasing, buying many, many duplicates en route to getting whatever it was that I actually wanted, whether a specific item or a complete set. And so, when I see one of those lovely Japanese blind boxes of Peanuts statuary, I’ve either just gotten one as a sample or allowed someone to buy me a full set.

Which is why I’m not chasing after this item I just saw in a local store, because it’s a blond box set where I really just want the one item.

That’s right, the blind box set Snoopy Collection of Words Volume 2 has a Peanuts BOOK statue which, I have spent $18.99 at my local shop, I’d have a 1-in-6 chance of owning it. Or I could get this set of six boxes at an online store for a much lower price-per-unit, but given that they are not guaranteeing the six would be a full set, I have to assume that they’re randomly packed, and thus I’d have a 2/3 chance of getting the one that I want.

(Although, to be honest, what I’d really want is not this small version of the item, but the same thing blown up to three or four times its dimensions. And then I’d want a lot more bookshelves, so that I’d have an empty shelf to put this on, rather than all of the shelves of The AAUGH.com Reference Library being overstuffed and overflowing and there still being things in boxes. And then I’d want a larger room for the library, so I could fit the additional shelves…)

For those wondering, these were the words in the first volume of Snoopy Collection of Words:

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