It’s a small thing in It’s The Small Things

I realize I should probably apologize for the lack of postings — when I realized that the posting before this was “it’s only a couple weeks to the next Peanuts special” and this posting is “well, I’ve watched the special a couple days after it’s release and…”, that proves a long gap between posts. Between a lack of obviously vital news and some non-blog things filling up my life, this is the result. But some of those life things should be easing up soon, and I’ll aim to do better.

Anyway, I’ve now watched the 38 minute-long new Peanuts special with the extended title of Snoopy Presents: It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown. It is filled with lush-for-TV animation, a very Ben Foldsy Ben Folds song, and a point that it wants to stress. It’s also filled with characters. More than 20 Peanuts characters get lines in this, so it’s not just the usual big names; folks like Lydia, 5, and Jose Peterson get to speak, even if they’re not specifically named. It also has plenty of unspeaking supernumerary characters getting a little screen time, and it’s within that last group of characters that I espy this one girl…

…who looks like this one background character from a single 1970s strip…

…whom I’ve suspected of being the possible basis for Dolores, the Latina character created for a series of career education film strips!

So, has Dolores now appeared in the animated Peanuts? Definitely maybe!

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