Two deaths

Word is going around that Peter Robbins, who provided the voice of Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas and other early specials, died from suicide last week. Robbins had a history of mental struggles, which had played itself out in drug use and earning some time in prison. He was involved in Peanuts projects even in his adult years – he narrated a digital storybook version of the Christmas special a decade back, among other things. After his release from prison a couple years ago, he was working on a memoir about what got him there, with the working title Confessions of a Blockhead.  I have no idea whether that was finished or will ever be seen.

The other death I mention not because it’s on-topic for this blog, but because it relates to the near-term future of it: my father passed yesterday. I am fine; his death released him from the ever-deepening struggles with dementia that had pained him so. But don’t be surprised if I post a bit less for a while… or if I post a bit more. We’ll see how I process things.

But if you’re thinking that Dad’s the one who got me into Peanuts: well, no. But here’s a picture of him circa 1942:

That’s right, Dad was Dennis the Menace before Dennis the Menace was!

Take care of yourselves, and give everyone who wants one an extra hug.

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