Peanuts things to put together

My family gave me two Peanuts gifts for the holidays, both from Japan.

One is this glow-in-the-dark jigsaw puzzle,

That will be assembled on some Sunday morning at a breakfast table with bagels.

The other was a full set of six blind-box weather-themed Peanuts dioramas, the Snoopy Weather Terrarium set. I recorded the unboxing and the assembled results.

We just finished one year, and already there’s another one!

Welcome to 2023, AAUGH Blog readers! I hope that everyone has been having fantastic holidays. Here, we had two new pieces of Peanuts statuary enter the house during the holidays. One of them, a gift from Dr. Mrs. The AAUGH Blogger, was a Japanese piece that I had praised in …

Row of Peanuts christmas cards
I’m dreaming of a Hallmark Christmas

AAUGH Blog reader Michael sent me some pictures from his collection of early Hallmark Peanuts items, which he uses to decorate each Christmas. There are some lovely items in his collection, and the limited pallet they relied on in the early days really does lend itself to a nice display. …


I’ve written before about how there is a modern method of commercial caricaturing that quite often works. Just as Al Hirschfeld could with some sweeping lines capture the key parts of a Broadway actor to make them instantly recognizable while utterly stylized, so too can a Funko Pop version of …