Where did they misspell Schulz’s name this time?

Where did they misspell Schulz this time? This trademark registration, that’s where! (The name was part of the trademark because of the signature at Snoopy’s feet.)

Schulz is spelled correctly, I will note.

I like to believe that I am both an ethical and non-hypocritical blogger. That requires me to hold myself and my projects to the same standards that I hold others. Usually, that’s easy. But today? AAUGH Blog Reader Ryan pointed me to a sales listing to the ebook edition of …

It’s an honary title

In today’s entry for “a bad spelling of Schulz”, I come across Charles Scmulz, honary chairman, having his name abused in his hometown paper, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, in 1972. And still he fares better than poor Allen Gummer, who got no present. 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing …

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The misrecording of history

We just finished this Peanuts Christmas jigsaw puzzle, which takes element fromĀ A Charlie Brown Christmas and kicks out characters like Violet and 5 who actually did the work developing those moves, and replaces them with more popular characters. It’s like when they make the big-screen adaptation of your favorite video …