The misrecording of history

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We just finished this Peanuts Christmas jigsaw puzzle, which takes element from A Charlie Brown Christmas and kicks out characters like Violet and 5 who actually did the work developing those moves, and replaces them with more popular characters. It’s like when they make the big-screen adaptation of your favorite video game and suddenly you’re hearing Chris Pratt instead of the correct voice.

Meanwhile, I stumbled across this little section of a review of a Robert Short talk in an issue of The Lima (Ohio) News, which I’m sure is due to a presumptive copy editor (the 1970 version of autocorrect failure):


Text: The Dirt on Pig Pen
A Charlie Brown Christmas
How to pen his name

The alert… well the overly-alert… Peanuts reader knows that Pigpen’s name changed over the years, not in pronunciation, but in punctuations. When the character first appeared, his name would be written as… ‘PIG-PEN’ …but when 1958 rolled around, those single-quote marks got expanded into double quotes. “PIG-PEN” That format lasted …

Schulz is spelled correctly, I will note.

I like to believe that I am both an ethical and non-hypocritical blogger. That requires me to hold myself and my projects to the same standards that I hold others. Usually, that’s easy. But today? AAUGH Blog Reader Ryan pointed me to a sales listing to the ebook edition of …

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The AAUGH Blogger interviews Nat Gertler

AAUGH Blogger: Hey, Nat, what’s that you got there? Nat: It’s the A Charlie Brown Christmas Mini Puzzles box set thingy. AAUGH Blogger: Oh, a thingy, is it? What has it got in it. Nat: It has these two bags of very small jigsaw puzzle pieces. AAUGH Blogger: Do they …