A Charlie Brown Christmas again… this time in book form!

Animated Peanuts

We here at the AAUGH Blog have many elves… in this case, an elf named Jim, who happened to spot something in his local Costco that I had not seen at mine just three days ago, but which I am thrilled to say was in there when I went shortly before closing tonight (trying to avoid COVID-laced crowds.) It’s… a book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Now I know what you hardcore AAUGH-Blog-memorizers are saying: isn’t that this edition that I raved about for its great pop-ups just a few weeks back?

Well yes, and no. It’s the same book (at least, I’m pretty sure it is! I’ve not yet unshrinkwrapped it!) But this one is in a slipcase! It has a different ISBN! It’s a different edition!! And not only that, it’s a great deal; at Costco, it’s a mere $19.99. And that may be where you have to get it… this one is not getting circulated to the standard book market. I can only find one listing for this ISBN online. And it looks like this:

You think that’s underwhelming? This is a listing that ran alongside it as a related book!

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