Fine figures


I don’t collect Peanuts action figures. I have accumulated a few over the years, but I make a point that the only thing I actually¬†collect is Peanuts books; that is a sufficiently large and expensive hobby on its own. Which is not to say that I cannot appreciate the fact that good action figures exist. My pal Scott Shaw! just shared some of the promo images of a current set of Peanuts figures, and there were two of the dozen that really stood out for me.

First appearance Franklin! With beach ball!!

And then there’s this…

MISTER SACK! A true hero gets the action figure he always deserved.

The world may be imperfect, but it is not without its moments of grace.

Franklin Forever!

Coming to mailboxes near you, sometime (date still to be determined) later this year, is a new set of Peanuts US postage stamps, with “forever” pricing. The plate, which celebrates the Schulz centennial features two copies apiece of ten different stamps, with 11 different characters depicted in all. And hey, …

Peanuts things to put together

My family gave me two Peanuts gifts for the holidays, both from Japan. One is this glow-in-the-dark jigsaw puzzle, That will be assembled on some Sunday morning at a breakfast table with bagels. The other was a full set of six blind-box weather-themed Peanuts dioramas, the Snoopy Weather Terrarium set. …

Sallying forth into licensing

It has often been discussed that Schulz was reluctant to start licensing Peanuts characters out (in rather stark contrast to what ended up happening.) However, it should be noted that once the licensing had started, there was some coordinated effort. For a blatant example: while Sally had been mentioned in …