Hey, A Charlie Brown Christmas just popped up!

Animated Peanuts

I just received the new pop-up book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and we have a real winner here. No, this isn’t a reprint of the old Running Press pop-up version. And it certainly isn’t last year’s Hallmark version with just one single pop-up at the end. No, this rework of the Vicki Scott-drawn 2017 Simon Spotlight adaptation is a book for the real pop-up fans… and among those, only those who have a lot of space to read. Not only is this book 10.5″ wide, but a lot of the pages are gatefolds, opening out to the side, so you end up with a final page spread that looks like this:

This book is chock-full of stuff, like the one page that has both a pop-up and a little book built into it.

All in all, there are 11 items, with my favorite probably being Charlie Brown’s disgust at the decoration contest.

Look, if you just want the story of A Charlie Brown Christmas, get the DVD. It’s told best on its home turf. But if you want just one book to celebrate the special, then… well, then you’re a person with far more self-control than I. And also, this is a fine, fine choice.

If you click through to the book’s Amazon page, there are pictures of a couple more of the items.

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