Free stuff from the AAUGH Blogger


It’s my birthday, and I’m celebrating by giving you stuff!

Today, tomorrow, and Saturday (which was supposed to be Free Comic Book Day until life rescheduled things), I’ll be giving out three different free About Comics books as PDFs each day, and all books will be available through Sunday.

For today, the one that I hope AAUGH Blog readers will check out is Jenny’s City, an original comic book written by me and drawn by the very talented Tess Fowler. The series is about a girl who awakens one morning to find that everyone else has mysteriously left the city. All that remains is her, and cats. This is an odd duck of a book, as it actually was a series proposal — so it has two complete, wordless all-ages short stories, plus the scripts for two more tales. Go ahead and download this 12 MB PDF, and let me know what you think!

Also available today is Fusion, a graphic novel about a cargo space ship and its funky crew of humans and critters – sort of a pre-Firefly Firefly. Written by respected SF writer Steven Barnes, drawn by Steven Gallacci (often cited as the inventor of “furry” art) and the wonderful Lela Dowling. I’ll give you the heads-up that this has a brief bit of adults-only stuff. 38 MB PDF. And rounding out today’s offerings is Fanmail ’66, a collection of fan letters to the battiest TV show of the 1960s! 11 MB PDF

And if you think that this material is too not-Peanutsy for this blog, I promise that the next two days will have books that are at least Peanuts-adjacent in some way! And feel free to share this news with friends!

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