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I’ve written a couple of times about the 500 minute-and-a-half-long Peanuts shorts being produced in France, but now I can finally show some of them to you, thanks to a site that AAUGH Blog reader Guillaume pointed me to. Surf on over to the production company’s website, scroll down a bit, and you” find a video display for 5 clips (mysteriously labeled “EXTRAIT 01″,”EXTRAIT 03”, “EXTRAIT 04”, “EXTRAIT 05”, and “EXTRAIT 06”; what happened to EXTRAIT 02, we may never know!) totaling about half an hour. The visual choices are very interesting; they aggressively try to invoke reading a comic strip, using panels at time, and using dotted color areas meant to invoke the printing process used in the Sunday comics. While they’re adapting strips from a variety of eras, the characters designs are from late in the run. Watching them in French – a language I don’t know – is interesting, and the voices fit the characters in my mind to varying degrees (Molly Volley works quite well.) These are being translated for various markets, so with luck we will someday get to watch this material in English!

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New Peanuts feature film on the way

Apple, who have been producing Peanuts series and specials in plentitude, have announced that they, Wildbrain, and Peanuts Worldwide are working together on a new Peanuts feature-length film, the Hollywood Reporter notes. If you liked the last feature film, then this should be very good news. They’re using a story …

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Beagle Scout missions

Those of you who have never been to the San Diego Comic-Con (or who haven’t been in a the past couple decades) may not realize that the event goes well beyond the convention center. For blocks around, there are pop-up shops in unused storefronts, studios creating fan “experiences” in parking …

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Bulk book

What do I have to say about the new board book edition of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I mean, the reading experience of being told “and that happens at every door. All the other kids get wonderful treats like candy, gum, and popcorn balls … and Charlie Brown …