Snoopy Treasures reviews

This is my post for linking and quoting reviews of my book The Snoopy Treasures… and I intend to quote them all (well, not from mass-review sites, like Goodreads or Amazon), both the good and the bad. Only problem is, as of my initial post on Nov 17, I really don’t have any bad ones to quote yet! Anyway, I’ll just keep updating this page, rather than harassing my regular readers with constant update posts as more reviews come in.

Q Salt Lake (aimed at the LGBT of SLC) included it on their Book Gift Guide.

“Snoopy fans will treasure the collection of removable memorabilia and fun illustrations from the Schulz museum, while enjoying the extensive knowledge of Gertler, an expert on the subject of Peanuts.” – Las Vegas Informer

“This beautiful tribute to all things Snoopy will be valued by all fans, both young and old.” –

“The pages are loaded with beautiful images, well written, engaging text, and there’s a veritable trove of goodies squeezed inside. 4.5/5” – Critical Blast

Lifelong fans and first-timers alike will discover something new within the pages of this in-depth compendium, making The Snoopy Treasures the perfect holiday gift for Snoopy lovers of all ages.” – Mommy’s Memorandum

“It is full of so much information that each page is an adventure.” – Outnumbered 3 to 1

“I love this book. It is not only big and well written it is full of history for “REAL” fans of Snoopy. No stone is left unturned in this treasury of memorabilia. ” – Maria’s Space

“This is a fun, beautifully produced book that will delight any Snoopy fan.” – The Children’s Hour

“I loved this book so much that I had a hard time letting my kids read it and look at the collector’s items.” – bassgiraffe’s Thoughts

Kirkus Reviews called it one of “the best coffeetable books available this holiday season.”

“So if you love Snoopy, this book is for you. […] I absolutely love this book!” – MB Sanok, BlogHer

“With Christmas around the corner The Snoopy Treasures is a fun gift for any Peanuts fan.”  – LA Explorer

“Books like these are just great because you get learn about their whole time on television and comics. I love that there are many pages that have extra items to look at.” – Chelsea’s Mommy Experiencing New Things Loving Life

“The Snoopy Treasures would make an excellent gift and is perfect for a coffee table book as c’mon who doesn’t remember Peanuts.” – Three Boys and an Old Lady

“If you are a Snoopy mega fan- or if you have one on your holiday shopping list, you HAVE to see this book!” – A Modern Day Fairy Tale

“‘Los tesoros de Snoopy’ es un fantástico libro destinado a los fans del personaje, así como a los más curiosos que quieran conocer más acerca de este beagle y su historia e influencia.” (Translated: “The treasures of Snoopy” is a great book for fans of the character and the curious who want to know more about this beagle and its history and influence.) La Casa de El (review of Spanish edition, Los teseros de Snoopy)

“[…]un volumen llamado a satisfacer a los amantes más desaforados del personaje, pero lo cierto es que, al margen de éstos, cualquiera que se haya cruzado alguna vez con el can, puede encontrar aquí largos ratos de entretenida lectura que, sin duda alguna, provocarán una fuerte curiosidad por acercarse a las tiras y comprobar en primera persona por qué tantos hemos caído rendidos a los pies de Schulz.” (Translated: a volume called to satisfy the most outrageous character lovers, but the fact is that, apart from these, anyone who has ever crossed the can, can be found here long hours of entertaining read that without doubt, they cause a strong curiosity by approaching the strips and see firsthand why so many have fallen exhausted at the foot of Schulz.) Fancueva (review of Spanish edition, Los teseros de Snoopy)

The Atlanta Journal Constitution called it a “top-tier new choice” in their Holiday Gift Guide.












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