Happy 60th Anniversary of Peanuts

Lots of stuff going on today – free entry at the Schulz Museum, a new display at the Smithsonian, the National Portrait Gallery got a picture of Schulz yesterday. But even if you can’t be involved in all that – go read some Peanuts!

(And if anyone is near Manhattan Beach, CA, stop by The Comics Bug and say “hi!” — I’ll be there from noon until, well, tomorrow, taking part in their 24 Hour Comics Day event.)

Long fordgotten

A post from¬†Hogan’s Alley editor Tom Heintjes reminded me of something that I meant to discuss. As many of you know, in the 1960s, Ford licensed the Peanuts characters to advertise their affordable family car, the Falcon. But I’ve seen some people say that the characters advertised¬†only the Falcon, and …

Peanuts books or by Charles Schulz

I am amused by this ad from the Feb 19, 1965 Newark (Ohio) Advocate offering “Peanuts Books by Charles Schulz”. The first one is a Peanuts book… but not by Schulz, it’s an analysis of Peanuts by Robert Short, although it does include some strips in it. Two by Fours …

Flying into Santa Rosa

If you’re taking a flight to go visit lovely Santa Rosa, California, you will likely be going to the former Santa Rosa Army Airfield, which has long since been rebranded the Charles M. Schulz -Sonoma County Airport. My brother (recently retired as Congress’s expert on military aviation – yes, I …