Peanuts 60th anniversary book

Want a big Peanuts book? How does 544 pages sound?

Thats the solicited length for The Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years (if that’s really the title – sounds kind of awkward). Coming in October (’round about when Peanuts hits 59 years) this big book also bears a big list price. At $75, I think it’s the most expensive standard-edition U.S. Peanuts book yet offered. (There have, of course, been more expensive special editions of otherwise-available books, like the leatherbound Easton Press volumes or the limited edition of the Peanuts pop-up book.) What’ll it have on those pages? I don’t know yet (I expect it will be basically a ton of strips; it’s published by Andrews McMeel, who did big thick expensive collections of The Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, and Dilbert. But if you fear that it won’t have $75 worth of goodness, you can-preorder it now for a mere $47.25.

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Quick little catch-up notes

We have a content image for that Peanuts Inspiration Deck… …a box image for the board book set Snoopy’s Joyful Collection… …a cover for the Christmastime is Here fill-in book… …and though it’s been available for a while, I gotta say that I like this color scheme on the paperback …

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The endless stream of Peanuts books continues

Sometimes I wonder if the world will ever decide it has enough Peanuts books. Then I remember that even with over a thousand of them, I shall never decide that I have enough Peanuts books, and I’ve seen the world and it isn’t particularly wiser than me. So… well, a …

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Funny Things

There have been a large number of biographies of Charles Schulz over the years, with different media, style, and target audiences. But coming next August (and available now for preorder) is an interesting attempt that treads where others have not yet. Funny Things, by Luca Debus and Francesco Matteuzzi, tells …