Peanuts 60th anniversary book

Want a big Peanuts book? How does 544 pages sound?

Thats the solicited length for The Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years (if that’s really the title – sounds kind of awkward). Coming in October (’round about when Peanuts hits 59 years) this big book also bears a big list price. At $75, I think it’s the most expensive standard-edition U.S. Peanuts book yet offered. (There have, of course, been more expensive special editions of otherwise-available books, like the leatherbound Easton Press volumes or the limited edition of the Peanuts pop-up book.) What’ll it have on those pages? I don’t know yet (I expect it will be basically a ton of strips; it’s published by Andrews McMeel, who did big thick expensive collections of The Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, and Dilbert. But if you fear that it won’t have $75 worth of goodness, you can-preorder it now for a mere $47.25.

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