More on the Schulz family view

If you want to see the richest source of information on the Schulz and Peanuts conflict from the “Sparky wasn’t like that” side (which, to be honest, is just about the only directly-informed side I’ve seen out there; the only I-knew-Schulz-and-he-was-cold comment I’ve seen is from someone who had been a kid dealing with him at the ice rink) check out this conversation, which includes posts by three of Sparky’s kids, plus Barbara Gallagher (who worked with Sparky in the later years) and Dale Hale, who worked with Sparky in the late 1950s, including doing the Peanuts comic book stories.

Chef Snoopy is coming

Weldon Owen must be doing okay with their series of Peanuts cookbooks, because yet another one is one the way. Chef Snoopy Cookbook is aimed at kids, and includes a range of recipes for various meals and snacks. Unlike with at least some of their previous efforts, this time they’re …

Joe Matt, RIP

Word is going around about the death of cartoonist Joe Matt, of heart attack at his drawing board, at age 60. Best known for hiw blunt autobiographical comic book series Peepshow, his relevance to the Peanuts world is as one of the three alt cartoonists who reworked Peanuts strips to make …

Peanuts Schultz

Alert brother-of-the-blog Dave recently pointed out that the 1946 film Our Hearts Were Growing Up (a sequel to the more-beloved 1942 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay) has William Demarest playing a character named Peanuts Schultz. A little investigation told us why the character had that name which would echo oddly to …