Charity Peanuts, and other Chinese Complete Peanuts

A while back, I posted about a complete Peanuts book set in Chinese. Well, now I see what looks like a translation of the U.S. Complete Peanuts set. This one is coming from Taiwan, and appears to be properly licensed. The other set comes from mainland China, and I’m dubious of its provenance.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Kohl’s are always offering up different books and plush for kids, with the profits going to charity. This time, they’ve got some special edition Peanuts storybooks and plush available, and you should be able to pick these up at your local Kohl’s or via online order. Five bucks a piece for hardcover editions of:

The interiors of these should be the same as in other recent editions of these titles, although if the dimensions on the website are correct, their version of Flying Ace is much larger than the standard version. And presumably this version of the A Charlie Brown Christmas does not include the music CD in the standard hardcover edition.

They also have some $5 plushes of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodstock.

Yeah, yeah, it’s just another cover on kiddie books, something only needed by the maniacal collector. If I wasn’t feeling ill, I’d be on my way to the local Kohl’s right now.

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