Peanuts books a-shippin’!

Now shipping are Woodstock: A Bird’s Eye View, a strip collection about Snoopy’s little flying friend, and Peanuts Guide To Life, a hardcover strip collection focused on aphorisms and advice.

Now, the Woodstock book was actually due to be shipping now, but the release date for the Guide book was announced as the end of the next month. This may just be a case where a month was announced and certain systems presumed it to be for the end of the month. However, the more suspicious among us wonder if it has to do with the Bill Cosby introduction on the book. Mister Cosby has been getting some bad press of late, and they may have wanted this to hit the shelves before matters got worse.

(And in the “everything is connected” world, let’s remember that Bill Cosby hosted the relatively recent Kids Say the Darndest Things series and is credited with writing a book of the same title, just like the Art Linkletter volume that Schulz illustrated and whose rerelease I mentioned in the last post.)

Meanwhile, at the moment we’ve got a great price on the comics volume of the famed McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern series. This includes six pages of rough Schulz sketches, the sort of thing he did when formulating ideas. Sixty percent off the cover price brings this hardcover volume down to under $10. And hey, it’s a nominee for an Eisner Award, so you know it’s no slouch of a volume! (Says the man who was once nominated for an Eisner himself a few years back. Lost the award. McSweeney’s may fare differently.)

Now shipping
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