Got marriage?

Tsuru Peanuts books with odd titlesI’ve written before about the odd English titles that are on the Tsuru Comics books, the Japanese equivalent of the Fawcett Crest books. They are odd in word choice, in punctuation, and in capitalization. Well, we’ve just added five more to the reference library, including “LONESOME” Charlie Brown, Farewell, LUCY, Go! Go! SNOOPY, A Mean-sister LUCY, and last but far from least, my favorite of this batch, Wanna Get Marriage, LUCY.

There used to be some Japanese Peanuts book lists in English on the Web, but they seem to have gone away. Using the “wanna get marriage” phrase as a search term, I came on this Japanese page which discusses the book. Not reading Japanese, I ran it through Google’s translation system, only to be reminded of how horribly imperfect machine translation is:

As for this having, viewing. Also the field work having, viewing. To tell the truth because as for the reason, because you thought after all it is the book of cooking, is, but, it is with having, as for the book of cooking this hand it is many not to be useful, as a book of massage tide cooking is, but, you say, or therefore in the first place cooking weak point, you are, but, well, that.

(Oh, and for those wondering — while these book have some cool weirdness to them, this is not the coolly weird item I promised earlier. That one is still awaiting delivery.)

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