Pretty Pop-Up

It is in the nature of pop-up books that they only have a few pages. However, I gotta say that the pages are well-used in the Peanuts: A Pop-Up Celebration. Each page has several pop-up and.or motion features, and the engineering seems quite clever. This is certainly not a minimum pop-up book.
The big pop-up in this include Snoopy on his doghouse, Schroeder and Lucy at the piano. The other pages have more shallow pop-ups, but they have motion items. And every one of the pages has more than one item, with extra suprises hidden behind flaps.
This is a cool thing for a collector. It might be a nice gift for a kid, although I expect it will be a temporary possession. Kids tend to destroy pop-up books; they push and pull harder than one ought, and the cardboard mechanisms get destroyed. But then, I expect that most of these books being ordered through are really going to collectors. How can I tell? Because we’ve sold just as many copies of the quite expensive limited collector’s edition as we have of the far more affordable standard edition!

Classic finds
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Classic finds
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