Cheap stocking stuffers before Halloween!

Checking the online remaindered book bins at the moment, I see you can get both Snoopy and Woodstock stuffed-animal-with-built-in-book toys (discussed here)at half off list price:

You can also get the board book Charlie Brown & Snoopy, the cloth books Sleepy Time and Hello World (both discussed here), the strip collection Being a Dog is a Full Time Job, and the religious commentary book The Parable of Peanuts, all at least half off the cover price.

And that needn’t be the end of your savings, because we’ve got you a coupon for the remaindered book store. If you order at least 35 bucks (at that can be anything from the shop, not just the books I’ve listed), when it’s time to check out, go to the "shopping cart" page, scroll to the bottom, and look for the coupon code box. The code is fall-promo and the password: bookcloseouts — this coupon is good until the end of the year, but some of the books may not last that long.

(Whoops, just stumbled on more kids books in the remaindered bin:

And some more strip collections!

If I’d realized there were that many, I wouldn’t have even started making the list!)

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