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The Complete Peanuts Volume 1 is now available for preorder
at a substantial discount. This much-discussed hardcover
book with all of the Peanuts strips from 1950-1952, many
of them never before in any book, lists for $28.95, but
you can order it now for $20.27, and it will ship when it’s

Head on over to http://AAUGH.com/to.htm?156097589X to grab
up this deal (or simply to look at the cover, which some
people love and some people hate.)

(And remember, orders over $25 get free shipping in the
US, with a variety of caveats. What other April-shipping book
can you add to your order to put it over the $25 buck
mark? How about the new Ballantine strip collection WHOSE
ON FIRST, CHARLIE BROWN? http://AAUGH.com/to.htm?0345464125 )

Well, for most of us 2003 is winding down. (I say “most of us”
because we actually do have some readers out where it’s
5764) and, like it or not, 2004 will soon be upon us. Peanuts
readers should like it a lot, because this is shaping up to
be the best year ever for Schulz book fans. We’ve got the
first two volumes of The Complete Peanuts coming up,
including many out-of-print (and often never-in-print-in-book-form)
strips. Then there’s Li’l Beginnings, collecting Li’l Folks and
other pre-Peanuts Schulz work… yes, this was announced for late
2003, but they’ve been more worried about making it good than
about making it on time, so it’s been pushed back to early

And there are hints – nothing definite, but hints – of one or
two other projects that will make this year all the better for
the Schulz book fan. Nothing as important as The Complete
Peanuts, mind you, but some nice little surprises that will
make the year that much better. When there’s genuine news
to share, I’ll share it, of course.

As promised, the Charles M. Schulz Museum And Research
Center has produced a catalog of their exhibition of Tom
Everhart paintings. That’s the good news. The bad news
is that it ain’t cheap – $30 for a “47 page” paperback,
even in full color, is a bit pricy, but then you have to
realize that it’s a book with limited distribution. It’s
a lot better than tracking down the ultra-rare Suntory
Museum catalog of their Everhart exhibit. I don’t yet
have a copy to review, but I’ll be ordering one shortly.

As with earlier publications of the museum, this book is
not available through AAUGH.com. It’s only available at
the museum, or by mail order for them. To see the cover
of the book and the order number, go to
http://www.schulzmuseum.org/store/books/books.html and
head to the bottom of the page. Then head back to the
top of the page for the links to ordering information
from various locations. (They do make it harder than
it has any reason to be.)

If Santa, or the Hannukah Moose, or merely someone who cares
got you an Amazon gift certificate for the holidays, you
can indeed use it when shopping through AAUGH.com. Just
go to http://AAUGH.com and shop as normal, then enter your
gift certificate information when you check out. It won’t
cost you any more than if you shopped directly through Amazon,
you’ll be able to take advantage of our list of Peanuts
products, and a small slice of what you spend will go to
supporting AAUGH.com’s efforts. (And yes, we do get a cut
even if what you end up buying isn’t a Peanuts book.)

July brings up GO TO SCHOOL, CHARLIE BROWN, another book
for kids from the Little Simon line. That follows on the
ten books that they’ve announced for the first half of
the year. Clearly, Little Simon likes the success of the
Peanuts books.

Some of the books that they announced for ’04 are
already shipping. You can get BABY SNOOPY’S VALENTINE,
a board book, at http://AAUGH.com/to.htm?0689857810
and you can get SNOOPY’S FEELINGS, another board book,
over at http://AAUGH.com/to.htm?0689856628

You can now preorder THE EASTER BEAGLE RETURNS,
another kids book, at http://AAUGH.com/to.htm?0689865880

As always, you can see our list of upcoming Peanuts books
at http://AAUGH.com/upcoming.htm
No new reviews this time. The mail has not been bringing
me lots of Peanuts books lately. The holidays brought me
mostly DVDs this year, adding 17 disks to my DVD shelf.
Now if only I have time to watch ’em…

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May 2004 bring the best of all things to you and yours.



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