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Howdy and hello to all! I’m back from my vacation. For once, I traveled without acquiring any more Peanuts books. That’s rare for me. But I do have some small bits of Peanuts book news!
It should come as no surprise that the book adaptation of the new animated Peanuts special A CHARLIE BROWN VALENTINE is now shipping. After all, the book was salted for January release, even though the special doesn’t air until February. You can order this at: http://AAUGH.com/go.htm?0689848218 (in the UK: http://AAUGH.com/uk/go.htm?0689848218 )

Slightly more surprising is that the new book adaptation of the classic special IT’S THE EASTER BEAGLE, CHARLIE BROWN, which had been slated for a February release, is also shipping! http://AAUGH.com/go.htm?0689848226 (in the UK: http://AAUGH.com/uk/go.htm?0689848226 )

More surprising still is that the HOW TO DRAW PEANUTS book written by Matt Busch is now shipping — this wasn’t supposed to be officially released until March! http://AAUGH.com/go.htm?0816772479 (in the UK: http://AAUGH.com/uk/go.htm?0816772479 )

I should have reviews of the animated adaptations for you next volume. One thing I will suggest, however, is that you don’t judge the new special by the adaptation. Because of the abrupt nature of these adaptations, they do care most of the plot but lose much of the humor of the special.
I’ve mentioned previously that a reprint of the long-out-of-print adaptation of the animated special WHY, CHARLIE BROWN, WHY? is on the way from Ballantine Books. Finally I have some details: this reprint will come out as a hardcover in August. I don’t have a price for it yet.

If you’ve never seen this book (which is likely; it’s hard to find), it’s a very nice one. It’s one of the few adaptations that Schulz illustrated himself. The tale of a young girl with leukemia is a special one that earned Schulz and crew some well-deserved awards.

Occasionally, as "the AAUGH.com guy", I get to hear from some interesting folks. I heard recently from one lady who was looking for this book — because it had saved her mother’s life. The mother was ignoring symptoms that she had — but the daughter recognized the symptoms from this book she had read, told mom about it, and convinced mom to head to the doctor before it was too late.

WHY, CHARLIE BROWN, WHY? is not yet available for preorder. I’ll let you know when it is. As always, you can find out about upcoming Peanuts books at http://AAUGH.com/upcoming.htm
Well, the mailwoman just brought me the 1991 Snoopy Annual, thus completing my set of the British Snoopy Annuals (which are hardcover books with a mix of comic strips, original Peanuts character stories, puzzles, and other features; the cover to this one has Snoopy reading the Snoopy Annual– and on the cover of that you can see Snoopy reading the Snoopy Annual, and on the cover of that is…
well, you get the picture. This is what comic book collectors call an "infinity cover".) She also brought some other things that need taking care of, so I’ll sign off for now. When there’s more news, you’ll hear from me again!
–Nat proprietor http://AAUGH.com

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