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The new Peanuts animated special will hit the air in February, but the book adaptation is already shipping. This is the third in the current series of adaptations written by Justine and Ron Fontes, and drawn by Paige Braddock, the creative director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates.

In order to make sure the cartoon was true to Schulz’s vision, it is based very directly on the strips. The storyline starts with some valentine strips, and ties that in with the spring dance sequence seen in It’s A Dog’s Life, Snoopy on pages 60-67.

I won’t try to judge the special itself off of the adaptation, which my its nature is abridged and apt to lose some of the humor — but the book does make me look forward to the special. Reading the book itself is entertaining, without having the show to compare it to. Paige has clearly learned from drawing these, and has improved her technique at capturing Sparky’s look. In this book, she had specific Schulz drawings to work from, and at times bases her illustrations on specific panels from the original storyline.

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